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Ajijic Emergency Contacts

Peace of mind is an important part of enjoying your Rental Property in Ajijic, so feel free to print a copy of the Emergency numbers listed below and keep it in an easy to find location just in case the unexpected happens.
We do try to check that the numbers provided haven't changed but pls. check them yourself when you arrive.

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Hotline (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Crime
Ambulance - Cruz Roja (Red Cross)
065 or 765-2308, 765-2553
Clinica Ibarra... 765-3396 Clinica Maskaras...765-4838
Green Angels Hotline
078 or 01-800-903-9200
CFE (Power) Emergency Hotline
071 or 765-3966
PROFECO (Consumer Protection Agency)
Information or Operator Assistance
Fire Department
066 or 766-3615
Police - Ajijic
066 or 766-1760
Police - Chapala
066 or 765-4444
Police - Jocotepec
066 or (387) 763-0006
Preventel (Anonymous Crime Tips)
Tow Truck
Telephone Repair Hotline

PDF button to print a copy of the emergeny numbers for Ajijic, Mexico.
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Events and Holidays 2014

Annual Gala - Feb 10 2014
Behind the Walls Tour - Ajijic - Jan 27, Feb 24, Mar 24
Chili Cook Off - Ajijic - Feb 18 - 20
Mardi Gras - Mar 3 - 8
Benito Juárez Birthday - the third Monday in March
Labor Day - May 1
Independence Day - September 16
Revolution Day - the third Monday in November
Christmas Day - December 25

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