Sun setting over the Sierra Madre mountains on Lake Chapala near Ajijic, Mexico.

Estela Hidalgo - Sculptor

Estela Hidalgo's love of nature speaks clearly through her art. In Ajijic, her work is most evident on the central plaza and malecon - Estela is the sculptor of two unforgettable pieces made from residual tree trunks. On the southwest corner sits "The Essence of Ajijic," a complex, mixed-media piece featuring fish, native plants and animals; on the western end of the malecon sits "Lagrimas del Bosque," (Tears of the Forest), a piece that shares her concerns about our disrespect for nature by cutting down forests. Born in Mexico City, Hidalgo moved to Ajijic in 1985 and studied art at the Instituto Cultural Cabanas in Guadalajara. She has painted and sculpted since she was a child and carved her first piece - a horse - at age six from a piece of chalk. Since then, she has become an expert in all forms of sculpture using basalt, alabaster and woods, working with mallet, chisel, acetylene torch and fused glass. Hidalgo is now an internationally recognized artist, with sculptural shows throughout Mexico, the US and Canada. She was the only woman asked to exhibit her works at an exhibition of 19 of Jalisco's most recognized sculptors, and exhibited in a special show during the 2011 Pan American games. In addition to her passion for imaginative and powerful large sculpture pieces, Estela has created numerous table-top pieces for private homes and businesses, and creates original jewelry pieces."

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-1125

Essences of Ajijic is a mixed media sculputre of Indian laurel wood, copper and glass approx. ten feet tall. Mixed media sculptor of volcanic stone, alabaster, bronze, wood and flowing water. Mixed media sculptor. Volcanic Stone, Bronze and Red Glass Casting.
"Essences of Ajijic" Mixed Media: Indian laurel wood, copper and glass. 10' x 8.5' x 5'
Commissioned by the City of Chapala/Ajijic
"Mountain Dreams" Mixed media: volcanic stone, alabaster, bronze, wood and flowing water.
90" x 27" x 27"
Private Collection
"Homage to the Korean Slaves" Mixed Media . Volcanic Stone, Bronze and Red Glass Casting.
118.11"X 26" X 7.2"
$25,000.00 USD
Mixed Media: alabaster, bronze, silver, black coral and wood,. Alabaster, bronze, wood, leather and Queen palm seeds scupture. Spirit of Aphrodite is a
                      mixed media sculpture using alabaster, bronze, and seeds.
"Kosmos Harmonios" Mixed Media: alabaster, bronze, silver, black coral and wood. 9" x 18" x 18"
Private Collection Mexico
"Moon Flower" Mixed Media: alabaster, bronze, wood, leather and Queen palm seeds 12" x 15" x 14"
Private Collection Mexico
"Spirit of Aphrodite" Mixed Media: alabaster, bronze, and seeds.
Private Collection Toronto, Canada
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