Sun setting over the Sierra Madre mountains on Lake Chapala near Ajijic, Mexico.

Jill Flyer - Photographer

Jill Flyer was born in Chicago where her architect father started to teach her to draw when she was 5 years old. When she was 8, her parents sent her to the Art Institute of Chicago's children's program. Eventually, Jill figured out that she was never going to be a painter, but a chance meet with a simple camera convinced her that she could be a great photographer. She studied photography on her own and had a kitchen darkroom for many years. She finally landed at the Evanston Art Center where she started experimenting with advanced printing techniques. She moved to Ajijic in 2003, at least partially because she found the Mexican landscape and people infinitely more interesting photographically than what she could shoot in Chicago. As darkroom supplies became difficult to get, she switched to digital in 2007. Jill finds digital challenging and exciting, with all the myriad manipulations that are possible in Photoshop. But, she believes that the lessons learned in making B & W images (form & structure & intensity of tones) give you a strong basis to produce more beautiful color photos. Recently, she returned to black and white, digital, and is again enjoying the challenge.
Jill has been selected for many shows in U.S. galleries and also in Mexico, most notably a dual exhibit at the Ex Convento del Carmen in February 2010. Her most recent exhibits include inclusion in gallery shows in Chicago and New York. She won a merit award from Black and White magazine in 2011, arguably the most prestigious photography magazine in the U.S. and, possibly the world.

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-3025
(Cell) 331-140-1171

Photo is of a huichol woman sitting on the ground. Digital photograph of a chair in yellow with green background. Abstraction of photograph using photoshop with red orange background.
"Huichola de Tlaquepaque" 16 x 20 = $140 USD; 20 x 24, price = $190 USD
" La Silla " 16 x 20 = $140 USD: 20 x 24 = $190 USD
"Abstraction" 20 x 24 = $200 USD; 22 x 32 = $290 USD.
Photo is of a huichol father and son. Digital photo of Flamenco dancer in dark charcoal. Photo of Lake Chapala enhanced in red to orange tint.
" Generations" 16 x 20 = $150 USD; 20 x 24 = $200 USD
"Flamenco Dancer" 16 x 20 = $130 USD; 20 x 24 = $180 USD
"Vista Mezclala" 20 x 24 = $200 USD, 22 x 36 = $290 USD
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